Simple Things for First Time Homeschool Moms

Are you a first-time homeschool mom?  You might think you need to know all about lesson planning, or curriculum choices. The things you really need to know about homeschooling are these simple. There are some simple thing for first time homeschool moms to think about when starting out.

Simple Things for First Time Homeschool Moms

Simple Things for First Time Homeschool Moms

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  1. Quality over quantity.
  2. Just take a breathe.
  3. Enjoy being with your kids.
  4. Change things up if you or your child is struggling.
  5. You can’t teach your kids every single thing that you’d like to teach them.
  6. Homeschooling isn’t regular “public” school.
  7. Stick to the basics. You don’t need to cover everything.
  8. They will read… someday.
  9. You and your kids don’t have to read 8 hours a day.
  10. Your curriculum is there to help you. You are not a slave to it.
  11. Not every “perfect” curriculum is perfect for you.
  12. Stick to the basics and don’t get too involved in the extras.
  13. Mix and match or even make up your own thing.
  14. Do not compare your homeschool journey to others.
  15. You are in it for the long haul, there will be many years to cover everything – you don’t need to do it all at once.
  16. Take your time and explore what works best for your family.
  17. Always praise your child when something finally clicks.
  18. You can homeschool on a very tight budget.
  19. Let them be kids, let them play, a lot.
  20. You don’t need to do each subject each day.
  21. Your children will learn way more than you think just in everyday play and life.
  22. Focus on the way they learn best.
  23. You can homeschool multiple ages, without loosing your mind.
  24. Be flexible.
  25. You don’t need a homeschool room. Your kitchen/dining room table or couch will be perfect.
  26. There will be hard days, remember your reasoning for homeschooling.
  27. Your initial idea/plan may not be how things turn out in the end.
  28. Let them sleep in. They’ll be better learners for it.
  29. You can learn as you go.
  30. You are the expert in your child’s life.

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