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Are you going back to school shopping yet? I am, have been, I always get started online with Amazon. Having a homeschool shopping list is a bit more fun for me, no list of particular color folders, or certain pencils, etc, but instead fun, make things easier for us (me), and great books.

Back to homeschool shopping list

Back to Homeschool Shopping List

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I am homeschooling three kids, which isn’t uncommon in the homeschool world, multiple children means multiple school supplies, which means that I am buying things in bulk, not always, but sometimes it makes sense, you get better deals than buying individual items.

For example, it makes more sense to buy a package of four binders for less instead of individually.

Homeschool Shopping List

Binders – Buying packages of four, makes sense because I have three kids, and I’ll be homeschooling for a while longer. I’ll be buying binders for years! Here in Saskatchewan, we are required to keep a portfolio for every year that we homeschooling.

Pencils – Pencils don’t just disappear if your child is in public. There seems to be a black hole here somewhere that they disappear into. Plus, if they don’t get put away the pups and cats will chew them up.

Crayons, Markers, and Colored Pencils – We are creative. We need the tools to create.

Paper! – We go through a lot of paper around here. Both white printer/copier paper and fun, colorful construction paper. This one goes along with the one above because we’re getting creative, and we making copies of schoolwork. I am thinking about getting some of these reusable notebooks for our schoolwork to move more towards a zero-waste homeschool and lifestyle.

A fun pen – I bought rainbow gel pens for fun correcting my kids’ work. These are pure fun, no educational value in them. They make correcting fun, and they never make the same mark twice with the rainbow gel.

Back to Homeschool Shopping List

Erasable Pens – I love color in my life. I hate using a plain pencil in my planner, and I’m not a huge fan of pencils. Finding these erasable pens we the answer to a problem I didn’t know I had. I can erase plans as needed because homeschool plans always change.

Pocket Scheduler – my kids are big on routine and knowing what is coming next. While I don’t schedule for time per se, I think this is going to help, my younger two in particular, now for it to arrive…

Magnetic Whiteboard Storage Pocket – I just bought this for our upcoming school year. When I bought our magnetic white it came with magnetic dry erase markers, but they aren’t going to last forever and most dry erase markers aren’t magnetic. I don’t want to be chasing markers down any more than I already do. – Update: This is the BEST thing ever! My kids put their markers away every.single.time. It’s kinda amazing.

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