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Top Easter Gifts – Ideas to Get You Started

What do Easter gifts look like in your house? Big and splashy? Small and simple? We tend to go for more simple Easter presents. Things for outside a new pair of rubber boots, things that always need to be replaced.

Top Easter Gifts - Ideas to Get You Started

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2022 Top Easter Gifts Ideas

Everyone seems to have their own idea of what Easter gifts are supposed to look like. There are no specific guidelines for presents for any holiday. Easter to me is Spring. I want bright colors, sunny days, and fun outside.

Gifts Ideas from the Dollar Store

I’ll be transparent: I go to the dollar store first. That is where I start shopping for Easter gifts for my kids. It’s the price range I love. Plus, I’m not too worried when a jump rope gets chewed by the dog, or when the wind blows a ball into a field two miles away.

Bubble wands – these disappear throughout the summer, all summer

Pool toys – balls, dive sticks, loungers – these blow away, or we take them to the public pool and sometimes forget them

Easter baskets – they get broken and thrown out within a day so I’m not wasting money on them

Plastic egg fillers – I only get them from the dollar store, small fun things

Gardening tools – Time to start thinking about digging in the yard

Chocolate easter eggs and candy

Gifts from Other Stores

Amazon is my go-to “place” to shop from now that my kids are older and notice what I am putting in the shopping cart now. Delivered to the door in a box that I can stash away. Here are some ideas for kids’ Easter gifts I’ll be buying this year:

Sports Equipment – a soccer ball, a baseball bat, etc.

Bubbles – I just don’t care for them from the dollar store, plus they are still really cheap from somewhere like Walmart

New Outfit – I always get my kids one spring/summer outfit

Chocolate – Need I say more? We don’t give a lot but you need chocolate for Easter

Seeds – Kids love to watch things grow, maybe some fast-growing seeds like peas/beans which they can eat too.

Subscription-Based Gifts

Universal Yums – Each month you’ll try the gastronomical highlights of the country we’re visiting together!

Green Kid Crafts – learn something new, like about space!

Grow and Make – They have a great subscription coming this Spring. Learn how to make different things.

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