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Fillers for Plastic Easter Eggs

Once again in our house we do somethings different than Hubby and I did when we were children. The Easter Bunny hides plastic Easter eggs filled with surprises. The Easter Bunny doesn’t break the bank, but brings lots of fun and surprises.

Fillers for Plastic Easter Eggs

Fillers for Plastic Easter Eggs

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Easter Family Traditions

Our Easter Bunny doesn’t hide boiled eggs that we’ve decorated or chocolate covered tin foil eggs (how it was in our homes when we grew up). When we talked about how it was in our families, Hubby put it like this “So the Easter Bunny took your eggs and then hid them on you, what a dick!”  I can’t help laughing about it now. So we do it our way.

I put a number of different things in our plastic Easter eggs, makes not only finding them fun, but discovering what is in them as well.

Things I use to fill plastic eggs:

  • hair clips
  • spare change
  • candies
  • small chocolates (in wrappers)
  • stickers
  • temporary tattoos

This year I also headed over the party area of our dollar store. The stuff for filling treat bags are also great for filling Easter eggs. You might not need 5 or 6 of everything there… but you’ll have extras!

Some of the things I grabbed were:

  • slime in little plastic containers
  • slinkies – the extras will come in handy as theirs tangle
  • balls
  • candy necklaces
  • dress up / cheap jewelry

If you don’t have a dollar store near you (*gasp* I don’t know what I’d do without one) Walmart and Amazon also have a really good selection of party favors, and the prices are usually really low. My favorite thing about shopping online with Amazon would be that my kids don’t see anything I buy.

Our Easter Bunny is not consistent. Last year he brought a trampoline, the year before Austin got a bike. This year, compared to those years, he’s bringing nothing! He is bring lots of stuff just nothing expensive. He gets them what they need.

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