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40 Ideas for Filling an Easter Basket

Sometimes ideas for filling an Easter basket can leave you stumped. What do you put in your child’s Easter basket? Do you have some things that always end up in an Easter basket like we do? Things like bubbles.

In the past I have shared some of the ways that we fill Easter baskets without breaking the bank for us frugal shoppers.

40 Ideas for Filling an Easter Basket

Ideas for Filling an Easter Basket

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Here are some fun, non-candy, non-chocolate ideas for you. This year I am doing something a little different, instead of using a Easter basket, or something that is just going to take up space, I got large sand buckets to use instead. They’ll be heading outside with them, not in my house taking up space.


Fruit cups… take it a step farther and draw a little bunny or chick face on the top.

Snack punches

A bottle of water

Goldfish crackers

An apple or orange

Juice packs


Apple sauce

Arts and Crafts


Crayons, markers

Paint for in the house or for outside

Stamps for paper


Easter craft kit

Bead kits – jewelry making kits

Playdough – store bought or homemade

Pads of paper – construction paper



Nail Polish

Crayola Bath Color Drops


Hair Elastics


Flip flops

Summer hat

A loopa

Lip balm


Bubble wands

Dirt/sand toys

Jump rope

Hola Hoops – I know they don’t fit in a basket, but they are cheap, and my kids love them.

A helmet and/or protective elbow pads, etc.

A baseball


Garden tools

Rubber boots – so important to have awesome new boots!

Seeds for them to plant

More Ideas

Reuseable water bottle

Reuseable snack containers

A book

What type of things would you add to this list? What are the things that you add to your kids Easter basket each year?


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