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Everything Easter Fun

Easter is the time for flowers and chocolates, for hopping bunnies and egg-laying chickens. For me, Easter is all the bright colors of dyed eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny. Easter fun is what this holiday is about here for us secular homeschoolers.

Chocolate easter eggs and candy

Everything Easter Fun

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As my kids get older I’m realizing more and more just how important the time we spend together is. I’ve gathered up fun Easter traditions you can start with your family. These are some fun family traditions that will help your family have extra fun things to do this Easter.

There are crafts everywhere you look for making cute bunny rabbits and Easter eggs for both you and your kids. Pinterest is FULL of ideas from super easy, your toddler can do it, to the more complicated you need a manual and someone else to finish it to get it done. Here you find the in-between.

The fun part of Easter for me though is buying fun things that my kids will enjoy outside. Easter is Spring here for us, for the most part, and that means we’ll be outside more enjoying the fresh air and getting our garden ready.

We get lots of seeds, tools, and toys in our Easter baskets, with some chocolates too, though not as much as I would get as a child.

You will only find fun here for Easter as we won’t be touching on religion. I’d love to know what you enjoy doing for Easter with your family, what kinds of gifts you give and receive too.

table top with easter eggs lined up top and bottom

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We love our Easter books, buying and reading new ones each year. Or get them from the library which is often our main source for books, which you probably already know if you know us.