DIY Easter Baskets for a Frugal Budgeting Mom

Easter baskets can be a bit difficult to shop for unless you have a plan in mind. For me, I always buy stuff they can take outside because Easter marks spring, and spring means that we’ll be getting outside a lot more. This year we are going light on our bank account but getting fun gifts for them that they can take outside in the warm weather.

DIY Easter Baskets for a Frugal Budgeting Mom

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Easter Baskets that Don’t Break the Bank

First I’ll say that I was very disappointed in our local dollar store this year. They had nothing out when I went shopping. For things like buckets and shovels, I’d rather get them there so I’m not spending a fortune on something that is going to get stepped on and broken or for the dog to chew, or best case left outside and blown away.

Personalized Easter Baskets for Kids

Thankfully Walmart and Amazon had a great selection of what I wanted at the frugal prices that I wanted, which is always important when I am putting together unique to my kids’ Easter baskets.

Instead of the usual flashy Easter baskets, I try to buy small plastic totes or beach buckets. They are reusable after Easter.

Plus, I figure that they will come in handy on vacation for storage in the vehicle, for extra toy storage in their rooms or outside, or for trips to the beach

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