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Guest Post: Turn Your Blog into an iPhone App

Right now I should be somewhere around the Quebec – Ontario border if everything is going as I had hoped.

I want to re-introduce you to Rebecca from Let Them Eat Cake, one of my lovely sponsors.

 Drum Roll Please….

Hey guys, this is Rebecca from Let Them Eat Cake & I’m going to show you an easy way to turn your blog in to an iPhone app in a matter of seconds. I created this tutorial with my old blog and wanted to just pass along the trick to you all!

So I found out something really cool. I’m really a dork and get totally excited when I find something new out with my phone. My phone is my other half. I love it to death and can’t see myself living without it. Oh phone, how I love thee. Yea, I don’t see how my life was ever complete without it.

Ok, so now the crazy mushy stuff is out of the way……………

I figured out how to turn my blog into an app. Now how totally awesome is that? And the sad part is… was totally freakin so easy I don’t see how I never figured it out before. This actually works for any site/page you want to make an app shortcut for. Be aware, this is totally simple and I’m sure there are more “tech-savy” ways to go about this to make it perfect. My way is the “I only have 60 seconds so hurry up bitch” way. And its for the iPhone. I’m sure there has to be a similar way for other phones. I just don’t know them.

Step 1

Open Safari on your phone & search for the site you wish to add as an app

photo 2     photo 3

Step 2

Once you have the page opened, click on the middle button at the bottom with a square and arrow & then choose the Add To Home Screen tab

photo 4 (1)     photo 5

Step 3

A screen will appear and then just type in what you want it named and then Presto, the app is added for easy access to any site you choose. If you want a specific image {like I have my button choosen} I just zoomed in on the area I wanted shown as the app image and then hit the Add To Home Screen button. It worked!

photo 1    photo 1 (1)

Hopefully you have lots of fun adding countless new apps to your phone’s home screen!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.