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Homeschool Writing Curriculum: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most critical lessons learned from the Covid19 pandemic is the need for alternative learning platforms. While most institutions quickly transformed to accommodate distant learning, learners struggled to shift their learning styles. As a result, most parents opted for homeschooling as an alternative to traditional and online schooling. With this option, a new challenge emerged in developing a homeschool writing curriculum. Writing is one of the essential subjects for any meaningful education. However, teaching your child writing online can be a challenge due to the lack of human connection and ability to communicate some components such as style and tone.

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Besides, essay writing is a complicated skill that requires continuous training and practice. It’s also challenging for distant tutors to understand a child’s weaknesses and tailor their teaching strategies to the student’s needs. The challenge is even more pronounced in high school level writing as the learners are yet to develop the necessary skills to create and communicate different perspectives. Hence, developing an efficient homeschooling curriculum can make a huge difference for learners and parents alike. It also eases the child’s development, increasing their willingness to learn and enjoy writing.

Considerations for Writing Curriculum Homeschool

A good homeschool writing curriculum should fit the learners learning needs, style, and objectives. When developing such a curriculum for the first time, pay attention to your child’s writing weaknesses. Identify their areas of improvement and organize the learning process accordingly. Consider the following factors to increase your curriculum’s effectiveness.

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Grade level

A good writing curriculum should adapt to your child’s learning needs. The program should incorporate grade appropriate content and utilize approved study material for the specific education level. Ensure to assess your child before creating or adopting a curriculum. This approach will help you modify the content to match the child’s cognitive capacity. Besides, an elementary child’s writing material differs significantly from that of a high school student. Hence, if your goal is to teach your child to write quality essays from an early stage, they must learn writing content suitable to their level.

State and federal requirements

For your child’s benefit, you must also comply with state and federal laws governing homeschooling. Before selecting a homeschool creative writing curriculum you must first read and understand current regulations. Seek legal advice from professional educators where necessary to avoid unnecessary legal implications. Alternatively, you can contact your state’s department of education for assistance and verification of the information obtained through other platforms.

Cost implication

Any real life decision has some cost implications. Your decision to homeschool your child will imply incurring additional costs to acquire the necessary materials and modify the home setting for learning. If you plan to hire an educator for your child, you must also understand the cost of doing so. Do you need new furniture to set up the study area? Do you need extra books and stationary? Will the child need a new computer or other gadgets? You must find the right answers to these questions while developing a curriculum.

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The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculums

Writing is not always a walk in the park, at least not for everyone. It’s an art that requires years of training and practice to perfect. Expert writers from CustomWritings, a professional service that writes essays sometimes call it a science that incorporates research and systematic organization. As a result, developing a homeschool writing curriculum for your child from scratch may not be the best idea. Acquiring one from a professional educator may be a better option, especially for parents homeschooling their children for the first time. Here are some of the best homeschooling curriculums currently available.

Institute for excellence in writing

This is perhaps the best curriculum for first timers. It’s designed to accommodate the challenges of young struggling writers. The curriculum is available online for first to twelfth grade learners although one can request modifications from professional developers to accommodate elementary students. Since the program is designed for low-stress writing, you can adapt it to your child’s learning style. The curriculum also teaches the child to create a paper structure and outline, forming the basis for an integrated learning experience.

Writing with ease

This curriculum is best suited for learners in lower grades from one to four. Although it’s easily adaptable to older students, its simplified content is best for beginners. The parent needs only buy a student’s workbook and any other writing materials not attached to the program. The curriculum is an improved variant for skilled writers known as writing with skill. The elementary option teaches your child comprehension by incorporating strategies to build their ability to create sentences. It’s also fun and enjoyable, making it appropriate for young children.

The Best Homeschool Essay Writing Curriculums for Kids

At home middle school

At home middle schools is one of the best free homeschool writing curriculum available online. The program is designed for middle school children between sixth and eighth grades.  At home middle school focuses on improving learners’ grammar and diction. Students enjoy improved vocabulary and composition skills by utilizing multiple resources from various online platforms. The site is designed for home based learning and training, providing an alternative for parents to train their middle school kids with no need for professional assistance.


Edx is one of the leading online learning platforms globally. It offers hundreds of courses from kindergarten to Ph.D. level short courses. With its reach and capacity to facilitate self-paced learning, it’s almost expected that such an entity would have a writing curriculum for homeschooled children. Edx also offers access to reading material through various university libraries and links from its partner institutions. Its homeschooling curriculum is also self-paced, although the parent may control some aspects of the learning process including the timings and access.

Saylor academy

Saylor is a not-for-profit learning institution for tertiary education. Like edx, the platform allows learners to access multiple courses based on professionally designed curriculums. It offers self-paced writing programs for pre-college learners. As a result, high school students and graduates can utilize the institution’s resources during their transition to tertiary education. Saylor’s curriculums are simplified and engaging, accommodating differences in learning style and preferences.

Take away

As a matter of fact, home schooling is a sufficient alternative to traditional education systems. It can complement prevailing education practices, necessitating parental inclusion and participation in children’s education. If you are planning to start homeschooling your child, research and understand the physical, mental, social, and economic implications of your decision. Select a homeschooling curriculum that best suits your child’s needs, state and federal requirements, and your pocket. The best homeschooling curriculum should be fun, flexible, and affordable. You should be in a position to amend specific sections and tailor the structure to your child’s needs.