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Creative Writing Journal – All Subjects

Do your kids struggle with creative writing? My kids would look at me I was trying to torture them. Then again if I was given a blank page and told to write a story I would probably be drawing a blank too on what to write. Then I gave them this creative writing journal.

Creative Writing Journal

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Getting your little writers excited about writing has never been easier! Our creative writing story starters and monthly writing papers have everything you need to get them writing and asking for more.

Creative Writing Journal – All Subjects

Giving kids a page with an image that they are familiar with can be like opening the creative dam.

What do you get with this Creative Writing Prompts for Grades K-2 resource?

  • 52 writing prompts
  • seasonal prompts
  • fun prompts
  • food prompts

They are in no particular order, so you can print them out for your learners when they fit your plans.

I like seeing how far they come from the beginning of the year to the end of the year in their writing skill: in penmanship, in their ability to get their thoughts on paper, grammar, and more.

How to Use

I print these on regular paper, nothing special. I hole bunch and either use a 3-hole binder or a duo tang folder to keep them all together.

Writing time at the end of our lessons has been a nice way to unwind. I do not correct these journal pages. I want to write their story freely, and not worry about grammar or spelling, but just the act of getting their words on paper.

I do help with spelling if they ask, or point them to our spelling dictionary.

Creative Writing Journal - All Subjects

It can be fun to use colored paper sometimes to add a pop of color to our writing journals, or white paper making the pages easier to write on, to color the pictures after writing their story.

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    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.