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arctic with Arctic Theme Preschool Lesson Plans text overlay

Arctic Theme Preschool Lesson Plans

Preschoolers discover animals and their habitats through hands-on activities and games. These Arctic theme preschool lesson plans can be used in the classroom to teach kids about the arctic. Your child will learn all about the arctic region while having fun with these activities. Arctic Theme Preschool Lesson Plans Now is the perfect time to …

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bored child with Boredom Busters for Your Sanity text overlay

Boredom Busters for Your Sanity

Nothing angers a homeschool mom more than when he hears the phrase “I am bored”, or  “I don’t know what to do”. After all, homeschooling is all about developing skills and expertise that can be applied in all areas of life. Here are some boredom busters to save your sanity. *This post contains affiliate links see …

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Grammar Galaxy books with Is Grammar Galaxy Enough text overlay

Is Grammar Galaxy Enough?

We have used Grammar Galaxy in our homeschool a number of times. And while we might try out other language arts curriculums from time to time, this one is like coming home. We always head back to it because it covers everything we need, and enjoy it. But is Grammar Galaxy enough? We think so. …

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July Activity Calendar Mockup with text overlay

July Activity Calendar

Let’s make this summer a great one. No more trying to find something fun to do with your kids each day if you are looking to keep busy. This July activity calendar is just what you need for a month of fun that you don’t have to plan. July Activity Calendar One activity a day, …

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child with balloons and science equipment with text overlay

Human Body Experiments for Kids

Kids are interested in science and the body. Let’s combine that in human body experiments to help them learn more! Hands-on learning with experiments not only provides them with great learning experiences but also creates great memories! Human Body Experiments for Kids Getting hands-on in your homeschool is the best, most effective way to teach …

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girl writing in nature journal with text overlay

Nature Journals for Kids

Nature journals are a great addition to your nature studies. They are a place for your kids to keep track of the things they learn, see, and do while they are in nature. Whether that’s drawing, writing or doing a combation of both in their journals. Nature Journals for Kids Your nature journals are going …

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