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15 Fun Winter Painting Ideas for Cold Months

Winter is here and with it comes chilly weather, hot chocolate, and snowy landscapes. But if you’re looking to get creative this winter, why not try your hand at painting? It’s a great way to express yourself, no matter your skill level. 

Stay inside during the cold season and try your hand at painting some winter scenes. Our collection of fun ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Here are 10 fun winter painting ideas to help inspire you!

1. Landscapes

Our first fun winter painting idea is to create a beautiful landscape covered in snow. This project is great for beginners because it allows you to practice shading and blending colors while also exploring different perspectives and angles.

When creating a winter landscape, it’s important to remember that snow reflects light differently than other surfaces, so use lighter shades of paint to capture this effect. You can even add details like icicles or snowflakes to make your painting truly unique!

2. Winter Wonderland

Our next winter painting idea is for a more experienced painter – why not try capturing the magic of a winter wonderland? Start by sketching out your scene, then begin adding details like trees and houses in various shades of white and blue. Before you know it you’ll have a beautiful winter landscape!

You can also add playful elements like animals or children playing in the snow for extra charm. Use bright colors for your sky or stars to give your painting an ethereal touch!

3. Snowman Family

One of the most beloved symbols associated with winter is the warm and friendly snowman family! This winter painting idea allows you to create your own snowman family using paints, pencils, or markers. 

Start by sketching out three circles for each member – the smallest one at the top representing their head – then start adding details like eyes, noses, hats, scarves, and buttons made from different colored materials. 

If you want extra flair, use glitter glue or rhinestones for decorations on their accessories.

4. Polar Bear Scene

If you’re looking for something more daring than a traditional snowy landscape when exploring a fun winter painting idea but still want to stay true to the season’s theme, why not try creating a polar bear scene? 

Paint an icy background with blues and purples that reflect light like ice would do in real life, then add details like trees and snow drifts as well as polar bears frolicking around them!

5. Snowflake Mandals

This winter painting idea is great for those looking to capture the beauty of winter in a single design. Start by drawing several circles on your canvas, each one slightly overlapping the other until it looks like a snowflake. 

Fill each ring with different colors, or use metallic paints for an extra sparkly effect.

6. Snowy Night Scene

winter painting idea

This winter painting idea is perfect if you’re looking to create something more realistic than abstract art. Start by using shades of blue and gray to paint a nighttime sky filled with stars, clouds, and even a few snowflakes if you’d like. 

Then add small buildings and trees in the foreground to give the scene depth. Finally, light up windows with yellow or orange paint to create an inviting winter night scene that will look amazing on your wall!

7. Aurora Borealis

Nothing says winter quite like the northern lights! Capture their beauty in this winter painting idea by using shades of green, purple, pink, and blue to create sweeping brush strokes across your canvas that mimic the undulating motion of these natural wonders. 

Once you’ve finished painting them in all their glory, add stars or small snowflakes for an extra bit of detail that will make your painting truly unique.

8. Ski Slope Scene

If you want something more playful than realistic-looking paintings, try creating a ski slope scene instead! Use bright primary colors – think reds and blues – to draw ski slopes across your canvas that are dotted with tiny skiers (or snowboarders).

Add trees along either side of the slopes for extra detail and don’t forget to include little puffs of smoke coming from chimneys at one end of the mountain so it looks like people are enjoying themselves inside cozy cabins after hitting the slopes all day!

9. Skating Rink

A skating rink in winter can be a wonderfully peaceful subject matter to portray in your winter painting idea. 

Think of all the vibrant colors that reflect off the ice – the snowflakes twinkling in the moonlight, the festive reds and whites of the decorations around it – and don’t forget to capture details like people huddling around a bonfire or skaters making graceful swirls across the ice.

10. Castle

Another fun winter painting idea is to paint a castle! You can get creative with the colors and design of the castle and add some extra details like trees, snowflakes, icicles, or anything else that comes to mind. Your castle can be rustic and cozy or grand and majestic – whatever you think best fits your style of painting.

11. Snowy Forest

snowy forest painting

If you love snowy scenes, why not paint a snowy forest? This type of winter painting idea can include trees covered in snow or animals scurrying around looking for food. If you want something more adventurous, include a cabin nestled in between the trees and maybe even some people sledding down the hillside.

12. Hot Cocoa

One of our favorite winter painting ideas is hot cocoa! This can be a simple painting but still be beautiful. You can use any color palette that suits your mood – warm shades of red or cool hues of blue. And don’t forget details like marshmallows or cinnamon sticks – they make the painting come alive!

13. Snow Angel

Can you remember making snow angels as a kid? What an incredibly serene and peaceful experience that was! Bring these childhood memories into your painting! You can choose to focus on just one snow angel or create an entire landscape full of them. You could also add splashes of color with scarves, hats, and gloves adding extra detail.

14. Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are beautiful during this time of year. The twinkling lights, the delicate baubles, and the shining stars. Bring this scene into your paintings by playing around with different textures and colors – think icy blues and sparkling whites contrasted against vibrant greens and reds. 

Or if you want something simpler than that, create abstract shapes using just two or three colors. Maybe add some white snow and really embrace the holiday season!

15. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Who doesn’t love hot air balloons? Make your winter painting idea stand out even more by adding imaginative touches like snowy mountains in the background or colorful flags flying high above it.

Summary: 15 Fun Winter Painting Ideas

Regardless of which winter painting idea you choose, there is no wrong way to go about it! So grab some paintbrushes and get creative with these fun winter painting ideas – you’ll be amazed at what you come up with!