Kids Yoga: A Starter Bundle Just for Them

We like to start our homeschool day off by using a little bit of energy. Teaching kids who are a bit antsy is impossible. Giving them a way to stretch, and move their bodies with some kids yoga is a great way to get that out and then get down to the lesson.

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Kids Yoga: A Starter Bundle Just for Them

My girls started trying yoga when they saw me doing it one day and really enjoyed it. Bonus for them that they see some of the stretches from gymnastics in the yoga. But the Kids Yoga Child Starter Bundle is the perfect gift to get them their own gear.

This is the perfect bundle to introduce your child to yoga the fun YogaKids way!


YogaKids Child Starter Bundle

A Kid-Sized Mat – just because Momma has one, is reason enough for our kids to want their own, it’s perfect being their own size.

Whether your kids actually do yoga or not, them having their own mat is enough to keep them off yours while you do yoga.

The Garden Game – I love playing it with my kids. Not only are the cards great for learning the names of the poses and how to do them, but they also let their imaginations explore yoga by creating their own pose.

YogaKids Child Starter Bundle

The DVD teaches your child how to do the poses, increasing strength and flexibility. This easy-to-follow visual tool leaves your students feeling refreshed, focused, and ready to learn.

Fitness Fun Tunes CD – keeps the fun and learning along with the rest of your day, with playful, educational songs about animals, nature, fitness, and more.

YogaKids doesn’t just offer these bundles, they offer a lot more! Yoga supplies, clothing, books, games, music, DVDs, and tools for schools!

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