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Animal Science Curriculum for Homeschool

Animal science curriculum for your homeschooling might not be a one and done boxed curriculum idea but there are a lot of options for you and your child to learn from.

Animal Science Curriculum for Homeschoolers

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Animal Science Curriculum for Homeschool

We have been learning more and more about animals through our past six homeschool years. We are all animal lovers and love learning about everyday animals like cats and dogs, farm animals like our chickens, and more like tigers, lions, and sloths.

My oldest at 11 years old has had her heart set on being a vet, just like many other girls. As she has gotten older she has realized that she needs to work to overcome her fear (and passing out) at the sight of needles and blood or find another way to work with animals.

That isn’t stopping her from studying and learning everything she can about animals, all animals.

Animal Science Curriculum Options

4H Veterinary Science – Amazing! This is an amazing resource. All the resources that the 4H offers are great. I went little overboard buying resources from them for my kids in the spring from their website. They have a whole curriculum section on their website. They have a specific set of four veterinary science curriculum books, from grades 3-12! Super afford too.

Center for Veterinary Medicine – This page might be our new best friend in homeschool. There are lessons for early elementary, pre-teen and teens, and older. As well as teacher lesson plans.

The Science Bank – There are a few great options on this site, like Online Virtual Dissections, mind-blowing. And learn how to do cat and dog CPR.

Animal Tracker Game – Great for any age and a nature walk.

Animal Science Curriculum

Animal Science Curriculum Books

Zoology: Inside the Secret World of Animals – Learn how evolution has helped wildlife to adapt to their unique environments, whether it’s the ability to live in difficult habitats, adjust to specific diets, or how they work physically.

The Animal Book: A Visual Encyclopedia of Life on Earth – This inspiring children’s reference guide welcomes you to the animal kingdom where you can meet more than 1,500 species, ranging from ants to zebras and everything in between.

The Fascinating Animal Book for Kids: 500 Wild Facts! – Animals smooth and spiky, fast and slow, hop and waddle through the two hundred plus pages of the Caldecott Honor artist Steve Jenkins’s most impressive nonfiction offering yet.

Usborne World of Animals – Presents facts about animal behavior and life-cycles, how they eat, move, and communicate, and a continent-by-continent introduction to animal kingdoms, with links to the Internet for further information.

Veterinary Science

There isn’t a lot of resources available for the veterinary science homeschool curriculum but I did find some great resources that you might also find helpful.

We are going to be using them in the second half of the year when we get ready to start hatching more babies for our homestead. It all ties in well together.

    More Science for Your Homeschool

    Arctic Animals Books for Kids

    Mini Unit Study on Arctic Animal

    Science YouTube Channels for Kids

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