How to Get Started with Dr. Robin’s School

Dr. Robin’s School is a great way to get started with your child’s homeschool science education. Complete human biology curriculum for grades 3-8 and a supplementary curriculum for 9th-12th grade and adults.

How to Get Started with Dr. Robin's School

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How to Get Started with Dr. Robin’s

Dr. Robin is experienced and knowledgeable, and a mom who knows how kids learn. The school is also affordable, which as a homeschool mom on a budget, I appreciate.

Do You Need to Do All the Lessons?

No. You don’t! As the teacher of your children, you get to pick and chose what your children learn.

Full Access or a Unit Study. Which Should You Pick?

That’s totally up to you! If you prefer to try Dr. Robin’s out before committing to more or you only want to cover one topic or do one of the intro units, you can try a unit. Sometimes you want to add a little more to your current curriculum and unit studies are the perfect way to do that.

If you have full access, you can now see the lessons in three different ways!

  • ​classroom” view where your learner can explore freely,
  • access any of the units currently available
  • browse all the lessons​

Most Popular Dr. Robin’s School Units

Eight Senses is the most popular to do first as it builds on the Five Senses units that many kids have experienced already.

If you enjoys hands-on modeling, starting with the Digestive System and ending with a digestive system model but a lot of families will build their models in smaller sections.

​Bones and Muscles are very tangible for kids to understand and enjoy (though there’s a dissection at the end, just a warning if you’re squeamish!)

Bugs and Drugs provides a good understanding of cells, bacteria, and viruses before launching into the specific infections discussed in other units.

Lungs start with a hands-on lung model, including a coloring page, and there are lessons on common problems your friends and family members may have (asthma).


What If I Want More Hands-On Activities and Fewer Worksheets?

You don’t know to do every worksheet. Not every child learns best through worksheets. Not very child learns best through videos. But most children do learn hands-on.

Pinterest is an amazing source for hands-on activities. While I do have a few here on Forgetful Momma, I don’t have as many as I would like. Some you can find here are Heart Pumping and this list of Human Body Experiments.

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