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Learning About the Human Body – Elementary Ages

We have hit a really interesting part of our science curriculum, interesting because my kids are all interested in learning more about the human body. I know when the fascination happened, Austin, my oldest saw me watching Bones on Netflix. While I don’t think it is really  for kids, it’s rated PG-14, it got her interested in learn more about bones and the human body in general.

Learning About the Human Body

Learning About the Human Body – Elementary Ages

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Because my kids had an interest in the body I had bought some here and there for them, and when we got our BookShark science curriculum, we got a double of one of the books I had bought, First Encyclopedia of the Human Body. It is a great book, with perfect bite-sized pieces of information with images to go with everything. A couple of other books I had bought were Little Explorers: My Amazing Body, which is a hard-covered flipbook, and Everything You Need to Know About the Human Body

Another book I had bought was a coloring book. My First Human Body Book. I thought it would be a fun way to talk about what we have been learning in the other books, plus, we like to color.

Hands On

We, of course, watched the Magic School Bus episode “Inside Ralphie”, I love the Magic School Bus, and thought it would be fun to watch it we started learning. Homeschooling means we get to have fun and watch Magic School Bus as part of school here and there. To go along with it, I had also ordered the Magic School Bus: A Journey into the Human Body. It is a kit full of hands-on activities to do together with your kids.

The kit has instructions for 12 different activities or experiments you can do together with your kids, all about the body.

Doctor Robin’s School
Dr. Robin created this curriculum after she realized, as a homeschool mom herself, that there was no biology curriculum out there that didn’t require the parent to learn the curriculum material first before teaching it. You can find our review here.

How are you exploring the body with your kids?

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