Homeschool Multiple Ages With Ease

There is more than one way to homeschool multiple ages, but I’ll share how I do it. This is what is working for our family and might work for yours or at least give you some ideas for finding what works for you. Homeschooling multiple children comes with challenges but we can get through it.

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Homeschool Multiple Ages With Ease

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Last year was the first year I had all three of my kids’ homeschooled together more or less, four days a week. My youngest was doing pre-kindergarten work, I let him go at his own pace with it but he wanted to be at the dining room table or on the couch with his big sisters when they were doing schoolwork.

Having him want to learn along with his big sisters was a nice way to ease into having the three of them learn together. He was learning some patience waiting for me to make it back area the table to help him just like I did with his sisters.

Learning Some Subjects Together

Choosing BookShark homeschool curriculum was the one factor that made teaching multiple ages easiest. It’s a literature-based curriculum which means we sit down together and read our history, science, and this year’s language arts. We all get to cuddle and relax with a great book.

For example, Level 1, is for ages 5-7. This year Level 2, for ages 7-9. My girls are in the perfect age range for these making it seamless to teach them together. Gauge, who will be five in November, is learning along with them and enjoying every minute of it.

I’ve never been a parent to limit what books my kids can read, and I don’t limit Gauge either. Although the ages of our curriculum might be a bit older for him – a bit over his head, he always learns a little something from the books. Next year when he is in grade one, I’ll loop back to Level 1 with him.

Learning Some Subjects Individually

For individual workbook subjects such as math and language arts, we still sit down together at the dining room table. Each child gets their binder out or in Austin’s case a laptop for Teaching Textbooks.

I let my kids know what lessons to start, and off they go. I am right there to help each as they may need it. I can easily walk around the table to help each and make sure that they are on the right path as far as understanding and getting their work finished.

Reading Aloud or Individually

For reading aloud time they love to sit in the kitchen and read at our kitchen island while I’m making bread or doing the dishes, both of which I can do without thinking about and completely listen to them while they read.

As a bonus their siblings will be in the dining room or living room working on their own thing, not interrupting, or at least that’s always the hope.

Using BookShark Curriculum

Using a curriculum such as BookShark has made teaching multiple children flow nicely for us.

I think that you can easily homeschool multiple ages together if that is what you want to do, and if you are choosing a curriculum that is going to help you with that goal. A curriculum that is based on a range of ages rather than a strict grade can help you do this.

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