Circle Fraction Clip Cards – Matching Fractions

Need a little practice with fractions in your homeschool? We need some extra practice and seeing things in different ways to help things make sense. Fractions clip cards are great for hands-on learning and practice that they can use on their own.

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Fraction Circle Clip Cards – Matching Fractions

These clip cards are a great way to test students’ knowledge of recognizing fractions using a physical multiple-choice system. It includes fraction forms from 1 to 5/6s.

The idea of this activity is that students work out what fraction of the image is shaded, then clip a clothespin/peg or a paperclip to what they think is the correct answer.

You can make the cards self-correcting by placing a small dot on the back of each correct number before laminating. Then when your child has clipped a card, they can then flip it over to make sure that they answered correctly.

How To Use

Have your child place a clothespin on the correct missing number for each card. You can find regular clothes at the local dollar store, or look there for smaller decorative clothes pins that you can often find in the craft section.

You can easily use these in your homeschool, great for morning baskets. But these are also good for public schools or co-ops. Use them as math centers, for extra practice for those who finished their lessons early, or for indoor recess activities.

Missing numbers for kids is a great way for them to practice what they know. For kids to learn how to skip count, to look at numbers in different ways.

Why I Like Clip Cards

I like clip cards because they let my kids get a little more practice with facts. They can pull them out whenever when they’re bored or waiting for siblings to catch up before moving on to another subject.

When you mark the back of the cards, making them self-correcting, it is something they can work on while you work with someone.

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