Easter Fun Pack for Kids

Easter is right away the corner and there is nothing quite like holiday-inspired activity sheets to help get you in the mood even if the weather outside isn’t looking too much like Spring. This Easter fun pack is perfect for a little downtime in your day.

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Easter Fun Pack for Kids

Easter for us is just another gift-giving holiday. With chocolate, bunnies, eggs, and chocolate, a lot of chocolate. I feel like we get to have a little more fun with this holiday.

You will only find fun here for Easter as we won’t be touching on religion. I’d love to know what you enjoy doing for Easter with your family, what kinds of gifts you give and receive too.

This Easter Fun Pack for Kids is 11 pages of activities for your kids. 

  • Easter Egg Symmetry pages
  • Easter Word Search page
  • DIY Easter Egg pages
  • Easter Word Scramble
  • Coloring page
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These are great, fun pages for elementary-aged kids.

Used them for a fun activity in between other activities, for when they have finished their work early, or just because we all like to be creative in the holiday seas

Way to Use them in School

The symmetry pages are perfect for an easy art class, it could be math too!

The word scramble could be language arts.

The DIY Easter egg pages could also be art class.

Have fun with the pages. You don’t have to make everything educational in your homeschool. There is nothing wrong with downtime. Or with giving your kids some worksheets that are just for fun. Just to use some creativity.

I’m big on getting my kids to use their creativity.

As my kids get older I’m realizing more and more just how important the time we spend together is. I’ve gathered up fun Easter traditions you can start with your family. These are some fun family traditions that will help your family have extra fun things to do this Easter.