RightStart Math Tutoring Fractions Kit

Are fractions getting to you and your kids? I do not jump for joy when one of my kids is working on fractions and asks for help. In fact, fractions make me want to run and hide. RightStart has recently come out with tutoring kits, including a tutoring fractions kit. Woohoo!

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RightStart Math Tutoring Fractions Kit

Math is not my strong suit and I’m not alone. Some kids, and some parents, need a little more help in different areas of math. This is where these tutoring kits come in.

There are a few different kits right now:

The best thing in my opinion about RightStart Math is that they build a great foundation. They have hands-on learning materials including games that help your child understand what they are learning.

They are able to see ways to use the math rather than it only being in a math book.

RightStart Math Tutoring Fractions Kit in box unopened

What You Get in the RightStart Math Tutoring Fractions Kit

Everything you need to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions as well as a solid introduction to percents. All this in just 42½ days! Sample lessons are found here.

The RightStart™ Fraction Kit includes:

  • RightStart™ Fractions Lessons Book
  • RightStart™ Fractions Worksheets Book or E-WorkBook
  • Fraction Charts (set of two)
  • Basic Number Card Deck
  • Multiplication Card Deck
  • Fraction Card Deck

How to Use the Tutoring Fractions Kit

Each day’s plan has a lesson and game. All 42½ days! Games are big in RightStart Math. The games are great variations on games you may already be familiar with like Solitaire and Old Maid. They of course have a math spin on them.

These math games are a great way to have fun with your kids while they work on learning fractions.

I use Ziploc bags for storing our card decks. Simple to open and close and store the cards in, simple enough to replace if one gets broken. I was happy to see that they include a bag for the fraction chart. It’s the perfect size for keeping track of the pieces.

42½ Days of Tutoring

These lessons don’t take long to complete. Like other RightStart Math levels and programs, they are designed to be short, without a lot of written work. How long the games take, is up to you in the long run. You can play a number of times, using them to help your child get the hang of their fractions.


You can also buy the fraction chart in magnetic form for your fridge! Or in my case our magnetic whiteboard. This is perfect for random practice.

I love to leave books and other learning materials around my house for kids. Do you know what happens when you leave things like this around your house for your kids to find? They do find them. And then they start exploring those materials more. They start learning, they become more familiar with those materials and less imitated by those things.