If you’re looking for some interesting bat facts for kids, you’ve come to the right place. Bats are definitely unique creatures, and there’s a lot to learn about them. They aren’t scary once you learn more about these animals.

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Bat Facts for Kids

We are a family of animal lovers. We love to watch documentaries and shows based on animals. It’s natural that we learn about animals individually in our homeschool as well.

Let’s learn some of the most fascinating things about bats, from their diet to their sleeping habits.

Does your know what a bat is, have they seen one? My kids came across a bat in the yard one time years ago. Thankfully they knew not to touch it, and came and got us to deal with it.

I’m not sure what was wrong with it if it had run into something and was knocked out or what. But we used this opportunity to teach the kids a little more about bats. Like, the fact that they can carry rabies and we do not want to touch them.

We used a shovel gently pushed under the bat to move it to a different area of our property, but halfway there, it got a new wind and flew away.

Bats are interesting animals that can fly and they eat insects. There are different species of bats, and each one has its own unique features.

Learning about bats and all the different species could take you through months of school. In fact, did you know there are more than one thousand different species of bats?

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Bat Books for Kids

National Geographic Readers: Bats – They live in spooky caves, in forests, even in the dark reaches of ordinary attics and bridges. They flock by the hundreds, and they sleep while hanging upside down!

All About Bats: Explore the World of Bats – Fly through the spectacular, nocturnal world of bats with All About Bats. From leathery wings to echolocation, this nonfiction reader is an exciting look at these creatures of the night and includes fantastic photography that will amaze kids as they read.

Bats: An Illustrated Guide to All Species – From the Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox, a megabat with a wingspan of more than five feet, to the aptly named Bumblebee Bat, the world’s smallest mammal, the number and diversity of bat species have proven to be both rich and underestimated.

Awesome Bats: Book About Bats for Kids – Kids book author Forester Wood explores and explains the mysterious world of the night creatures – bats. In this beautiful book about bats for kids, children will find out interesting and inspiring facts about one of the most fascinating animals.