Do You Need a Homeschool Routine?

Homeschool routine almost seems like a dirty word to me. I can set out a great schedule for us, a light routine for us to stick to. And then something happens that it all falls apart. So the question is, do you really need a homeschool routine mom?

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Do You Need a Homeschool Routine?

You do not need to have a routine in your homeschool. You and your family might not need it. On the other hand, maybe your family needs routine and thrives on it.

If you have one child or multiple, homeschooling gives you the opportunity to create a schedule that makes sense for your family. From daily schedules to academic goals, you have the ability to decide how and when your children are educated. And, you can take breaks when you need to.

I asked this question in my homeschool group – Homeschool Curriculum 101 – and got some great answers! I wanted to touch on that today.

Benefits of A Homeschool Routine

Certain parents feel that for a child to learn the importance of planning a schedule and staying on track, it’s extremely important for them to stick to as “normal” of a typical school schedule as possible.

A routine helps your child(ren) know what to expect each day, and throughout the day.

Starting each day the same way is a great way to start not only a routine with your child but also a tradition if you choose to start the day together, such as with a morning basket.

If your child struggles with change, have a routine that they are comfortable with and know. that works for creating calm and happiness in your homeschool.

When to Change Up Routine

Taking random days off has never worked for us. The unscheduled break in routine shakes things up – and not in a good way. It’s difficult to get back into our rhythm, and sometimes taking a day away isn’t enough.

Sometimes you really just need to take a week off and that’s OK!

When your kids start to fight you every morning to get the day started or even to move on to a new subject, it might be time to look at your homeschool. It could be that things need to be changed – curriculum, a break, or the order in which you do subjects.

Seasonal changes can scream out time for a break from routine. The nicer days of Spring, or a snow day in the winter. You can use these times to change things up – like reading outside instead of on the couch.

Are you or your kids feeling isolated? I know the past couple of years have been tough for everyone, and sometimes we forget just how much we need to see other people. It might be time to add time to see friends to your week or every other week.

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Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken, right? But if you feel that more structure is needed throughout the day, alter and change accordingly! You don’t have to figure it all out at once. Things are going to change all the time.

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