Adult Christmas Bucket List

Christmas doesn’t have to be just about your kids’ Christmas. Don’t forget to think about yourself as well. Christmas can be stressful. You are worried about everyone else having the best Christmas holiday, it’s time to create an adult Christmas bucket list for yourself and your partner to enjoy Christmas more.

Adult Christmas Bucket List

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Create an Adult Christmas Bucket List

These are in no particular order, just written down as I thought of the fun things that we have done, and things that I want to do this holiday season. Remember that yes Christmas is about creating memories with your kids, but you also have to remember yourself as well.

Create new a tradition of doing something for yourself that you enjoy. Pick a few things to do this holiday season.

  • Go outdoor ice skating
  • Go tobogganing in the snow with your kids, put snowpants on and have fun
  • Have hot chocolate, with a little something extra in it just adults
  • Watch an adult Christmas movie with your partner once the kids are in bed
  • Read a Christmas themed book
  • Crochet or knit a Christmas sweater, or buy one
  • Host a potluck with friends
  • Go to a local Christmas market
  • Get started on planning a fabulous and productive new year
  • Host a Secret Santa get together with your family and friends
  • Sending holiday greeting cards to your family
  • Make this holiday season more fun and cheerful with a delicious homemade batch of mulled wine and cider
Adult Christmas Bucket List

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