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Let’s Make this Your Most Productive Year Yet

We say it every year, we are going to do this, that, and the other. All those resolutions that we make with the intention of following through on, and then we forget, or we struggle to keep going after the first month. What if I told you you can keep it going all year?

You can get started today and make 2020 your most productive year no matter what it is that you want to accomplish. Even if you all you truly want is to be the best homeschool mom that you can be. I’ll be planning my year out with my Happy Planner, and paper planners just happens to be one of the many things mentioned in this book.

Let's Make this Your Most Productive Year Yet

Let’s Make this Your Most Productive Year Yet

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Get Started Being More Productive

It’s super simple, buy the book, I have already read it, and am already working on being a more productive homeschool mom and blogger. You decide on what you want or need to work on and start experimenting. Keep track of what works, and why so you’ll remember why you are continuing to do it all year.

I prefer actual paper books to ebooks, and if you do as well you find this book, A Year of Living Productively on Amazon. But the PDF (ebook) version is cheaper, and you get it instantly! Which is how I got it.

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Experiment with Productivity

Read through the book and start deciding on which productivity experiments that you want to try. Maybe you want to try Theme Days like I decided to try. Monday is going to be making bread day. My family eats a lot of bread and realizing we’ve run out doesn’t work for picky eaters who won’t try something different for breakfast.

What’s Included:

  • a list of 5-star approaches that have worked consistently for me along with my review
  • a list of other complementary approaches to try if you find one that works
  • a list of approaches that work for people with specific needs
Let's Make this Your Most Productive Year Yet

Melanie, the author, does include religious content, but also backs it up with no religious content, you do not have to be religious to enjoy and use what this book has to offer and to do these productivity experiments, otherwise I would not be recommending it on my secular site. Straight from the author “It is not a faith-based book. I do discuss how faith influences my productivity in the first chapter, without assuming readers share my beliefs.”