1st Grade Reading List for Homeschool

Grab some leveled readers that are not too easy, not too hard, but encourage them to read. Use this 1st grade reading list to get your kids started reading this year. Make sure you check out all the leveled books we have been talking about for your older kids too.

1st Grade Reading List for Homeschool

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1st Grade Reading List for Homeschool

What kind of books do kids in the first great want to read? The kind they are interested in! What interests your kids right now? Get them books about that. Is your first grader interested in all things Spiderman? There are Spiderman leveled readers!

Book Lists for 1st-Grade Readers

I have included our favorite leveled readers!

The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set – The Boxcar Children is a beloved series of chapter books that have been captivating readers for generations with its fun, easy-to-read storylines that feature a tight-knit group of children having adventures and solving mysteries together.

Pizza Pig – Customers at Pizza Pig’s get whatever they want on their pizzas! But why isn’t Turtle eating? It turns out that one is the loneliest number when it comes to a bustling pizza joint filled with groups of animals. All Turtle needs is a friend to whet her appetite! 

Pony Scouts: The Camping Trip – It’s the first day of summer vacation and time to go camping with the ponies! Meg discovers there’s a lot she doesn’t know about camping—but learning is part of the fun in the end.

The Best Chef in Second Grade – Ollie is not the best at anything in second grade, but he does love to cook. When the famous Chef Antonia comes to visit, he can’t wait! It’s his chance to shine if only he can settle on the right dish.

Amelia Bedelia I Can Read Box Set – From dressing the chicken to drawing the drapes, Amelia Bedelia does exactly what Mr. and Mrs. Rogers tell her to do. If things get a bit mixed up, well, that’s okay. When Amelia Bedelia is involved, everything always turns out perfectly in the end!

Splat the Cat Gets a Job! – Splat is so excited to be the new newspaper cat! But getting up super early, keeping track of all those papers, and delivering to all those houses sure isn’t as easy as it looks. With help from Kitten, and some cool inventions, can Splat figure out how to toss papers like a pro?

Bones – How many bones are there in the human body? Which bone is the longest? Or the smallest? Without bones, you would be a blob, like a jellyfish or a worm. Our bones support us and protect our insides. They work together with our muscles to allow us to do all the things we do! So when you think of your bones, say “Thank you!”

National Geographic Readers: Planets – Introduce children to our solar system, including all of the planets and dwarf planets, and lots of fascinating fun facts. This reader helps cultivate the explorers of tomorrow!

1st Grade Reading List for Homeschool

Wild Sea Creatures: Sharks, Whales and Dolphins!Wild Kratts joins the adventures of zoologists Chris and Martin Kratt as they travel to animal habitats around the globe. Along the way, they encounter incredible creatures while combining science education and fun.

Mater’s Birthday Surprise – Mater thinks all his friends in Radiator Springs have forgotten his birthday—until they throw him the best surprise party ever!

I Want to Be A Doctor – For the child who says, “I want to be a doctor when I grow up!” And for any child who wants a gentle behind-the-scenes look at being a doctor. Doctors help sick and hurt people feel better. When little brother Jack hurts his foot, the family gets to meet all kinds of doctors.

How to Drive Your Sister Crazy – A silly sibling rivalry easy reader that gets kids laughing. Do you have a big sister? Do you know how to drive her crazy? With a rubber snake, some bubble gum, and really great hiding space, Bradley Harris Pinkerton shows just how easy it is!

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