Where to Find Supplemental Lessons for Homeschoolers

Using a curriculum should mean that you have everything you need for that subject, or for all your subjects in you are using an all-in-one, right? But what if your child needs more practice in one area than the subject provides for? Let’s talk about some great places to find supplemental lessons.

Where to Find Supplemental Lessons for Homeschoolers

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Where to Find Supplemental Lessons for Homeschoolers

We have used individual subject curriculum, and boxed curriculum, and with both I have looked for or created supplemental lessons for my kids. Because sometimes they need extra help or practice to master a concept. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Places to Find Supplemental Lessons

Teachers Pay Teachers

If you haven’t heard of Teachers Pay teachers I would be very surprised! You are a teacher, even if you are “just a homeschool mom”, but guess what? You are a homeschool teacher, so get over there and check out what they have. There are products there for homeschoolers.

Where to Find Supplemental Lessons for Homeschoolers

Homeschool Bloggers

A lot of homeschool bloggers have their own shops, myself included, to help out in your homeschool. While I have products for practice, there are a lot that also offer full lessons and even a full curriculum.


This is a new one for me! I never thought to look on Etsy before but the other day while shopping for myself I came across some really great products, great lessons, and supplemental products for your homeschool.

Using Supplemental Lessons

You do not need to use supplemental lessons in your homeschool. Please do not feel like you need to do more and more. Even if you aren’t using a curriculum that you bought, you don’t have to find more things to do besides what you are using. You know what is best for your kids.

Some kids need more math practice. Some need more spelling practice. But you know what? Some kids just want more practice to help build their confidence.

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