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Planning Your Backyard Summer Fun

I am thinking ahead to summer plans. Sunny warm days are more fun to think of than cold windy days and homeschool lessons still to be completed. Having backyard summer fun planned at home is a great way to enjoy being at home this summer instead of taking a family vacation.

Planning Your Backyard Summer Fun

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I wrote this series of posts last year when things were new and still scary and everything was canceled. I do not know what summer is going to look like but we can still have fun this summer at home with our kids, and close friends who are in your social bubble.

Planning Your Backyard Summer Fun

How many weeks or days are you planning to have a backyard summer camp? Are you ready to plan them out for each week of your summer vacation or are you going to pick and choose what themes and activities you are going to do?

How to Plan A Summer Camp

We are huge summer fans. For us it’s more of the no plans, spending our days at the beach, eating fresh vegetables from the garden summer fans. Which we just happen to have backyard summer plans planned around too because summer would be nothing without them.

I recommend starting the summer out with the gardening theme, that way you’ll have fresh veggies or fruits to snack on towards the end of the summer, which is our favorite part of gardening.

Which Theme When?

Decide first on whether you are going to do a different theme each week of the summer, or if you are going to have random days with a theme which is very doable if you don’t try to do all the activities in one day.

A lot of the ideas and plans are simple and fun and aren’t going to break the bank. Which is always my goal.

Plan a summer of fun at home, safe, this summer. There are more than one hundred fun ideas just under the DIY Summer Camp tap to keep you and your kids entertained all summer long in your backyard.

Invite a few friends over to join your kids, or maybe this is something you want to plan with friends so you can cut the cost of the activities and the planning up between you. Make memories with your kids this summer after a crazy school year.

Planning Your Backyard Summer Fun

Backyard Summer Camp Fun

We have some fun plans for getting wet, all the lovely water-themed fun you can have from water balloons to slip n’ slides.

We are going to be making science messes in the backyard where it is super easy to clean up.

We’ll be learning about the animals that live in our yard, in the woods around, and probably whatever animal I end up bringing home to our little homestead.

Just think about all the whining you won’t have to listen to traveling or making mad dashes for gross public bathrooms by staying home and having fun there. After all, the running around through the school year to homeschool groups and whatever, it’s nice to stay home.

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