Homeschool Binder Printables

Organization some days could be the end of me. Trying to keep track of everything, where it is, and making sure it is updated, can be overwhelming. Then I started keeping everything in a binder for one year. And then my homeschool binder was born and had become my homeschool center in a binder. These are some homeschool binder printables to get you started.

Homeschool Binder Printables

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What is a Homeschool Binder?

A homeschool binder is where you keep everything related to your homeschool. I love having a planner, but it doesn’t hold all the things I want and need to keep track of in our homeschool which is why I have been using a binder for the last few years to keep track of everything.

Here are the possibilities:

Reasons to Keep a Homeschool Binder

The best reason to put together your own homeschool binder is to keep everything together in one spot. I do not have to meet with a teacher or advisor but I know some homeschooling laws state that you must, this binder would be a blessing for that. Everything is always together.

I do have to report at the end of the year what we have covered so having my goals and periodic log in one place makes it easier when the time comes.

Getting Started with Your Homeschool Binder Printables

Think about what you want in your binder.

  • What are you required to keep track of?
  • What do you use everyday?
  • What do you find yourself searching for repeatedly?

I have created a set of pages to help you get started with your binder organization.

I have included different curriculum planning pages – one set includes common subjects you may be planning for, the other is blank for you to fill in your own subjects.

There is an attendance tracker, we don’t all need this, but you might want to keep track just to see how many days you are getting in.

Planning pages – Daily (hourly), weekly, and monthly. I like to know to see what we are doing each week at a glance, especially if I need to move some things around.

Goal pages. What do you want to complete for the year? Then there are monthly goal pages so you can break a big goal down into actionable tasks.

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