Raising Bookworms in the Digital Age

I am a booklover, I love physical print copies of books. I will forever search for a print book long before I look for a e-book. Both for myself and for my kids. Raising bookworms in the digital age isn’t necessarily hard, the key is loving books, any kind of books.

Raising Bookworms in the Digital Age

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In this digital world it might seem hard to make sure that you kids are reading enough, what with television, video games, tablets, and more. We

Surround your kids with books.

Have them in your house, have them in their rooms, in the living room. We have books in every room of the house. (I did not completely plan to have them in EVERY single room, but my kids had their own plans). We take books with us when we drive any where.

There is not a day that goes by that my kids don’t pick up a book to flip through on their own.

If you find your child is not reading as much as you would like, then maybe they haven’t found the right books yet. I don’t limit the books my kids check out of the library. Educational non-fiction books, novels that are probably over their reading level, graphic novels, magazines, and more are all going to encourage them to read.

Raising Bookworms in the Digital Age

Read to your future bookworms.

Read to your kids. I started buying children’s books, and reading them the moment I found out I was pregnant with my oldest. I never stopped. We are currently reading books together for our library’s Hackmatack programing.

You can read to your older children as easily as you can your younger children. I didn’t enjoy reading myself until I was older.

Audiobooks are not horrible. Yes we want our kids reading themselves but listening to audiobooks occasionally isn’t bad. My kids will listen to an audiobook in their room while they are playing with Lego.

Read to your future bookworms.

Let them see you read.

My kids know I read, they see me reading all the time, they always have. I buy myself books from a specific author, and hunt up the library for the rest of my reading. They have been known to help carry my books out of the library in their backpacks because I wasn’t planning on taking out as many as I end up with.

Raising bookworms in the digital age right now can be crazy. But if your kids are interested in reading e-books, let them! My kids read them from time to time as well, the library has such a great selection of e-books.

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