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Arctic Virtual Field Trip

Friday afternoons now have new meaning for us. They are virtual field trip days. We hook up a computer to our living room television and visit somewhere far away. I like to have a theme, like an Arctic virtual field trip. If you could go anywhere, where would you want to travel? This field trip is perfect, no uncomfortable travel is required.

Arctic Virtual Field Trip

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We can’t go to see polar bears or sea lions in person, in their natural habitat, because I do not have the funds to travel like that with my family. But I can bring take them there sitting in our living room, not freezing in the cold temperature that polar bears and other cold-weather animals thrive in.

Arctic Virtual Field Trip Places – Live videos and highlight videos of Polar Bears. They have more than just polar bears, and not all of their cameras are from natural habitats, but they are still fun to check out and a great reference as you are learning about animals.

Google Earth – This link will take you to the Arctic to explore as though you are walking around there.

The Vancouver Zoo – is another great place to find live webcams. They do not have a lot, but some are better than none.

OrcaLive – This is a fun site with cameras to watch, but it is also full of great information about the animals and where the camera is too.

One zoo that I really want to mention for videos is Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens. I learned about them during the COVID lockdown in March when they were doing daily live videos on different animals. They have a large collection of videos there now, including those on polar bears, penguins, and more. Just scroll through the page and to find what you are looking for. They are still doing lives on their page too!

YouTube is a great place to find videos to watch as well, though they aren’t going to be live like most of the other ones that I have mentioned.

How to Watch Animal Cams

We use an HDMI cable and hook it my laptop to the TV usually. Occasionally we’ll use our projector if it is a rainy, dark Field Trip Friday. You could just use a computer or tablet to snuggle up together and watch as well.

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Arctic Virtual Field Trip

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