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Learning About Animals – Animal Research

My almost 12-year-old, Austin, is a big animal lover, she has been for as long as I can remember. She loves them all. She is always learning about animals on her, through the huge piles of books that she brings home from the library, through documentaries, and hands-on learning. These animal research papers are just what your child needs to gather everything they learn.

Learning About Animals - Animal Research

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These are great for kids who enjoy learning about animals on their own and want to keep track of what they are learning to share with others. It’s a great way to include writing with science and natural curiosity.

Learning About Animals – Animal Research

What do you get with these Animal Research pages?

There are two different sets, one with spaces for drawing pictures and the others with just writing room. Both set sets encourage research skills, writing skills, and allows them to be creative in drawing a picture in the spaces provided… or to print off, or cut out pictures to glue in the spaces if that is what your child prefers.

How We Are Using These:

These would be great for letting your child follow their own interests. Right now, my kids are all about chickens. Backyard chickens that lay pretty eggs, and really pretty show birds. I love to have a way to encourage them to learn about them, learn where their food is coming from in this case.

That’s what these pages do.

Use duo-tang folders to keep all the pages for each animal together as you print them out and your child fills them with all their new knowledge.

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