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Quick and Easy Single Serve Dessert Recipes

I don’t know who came up with the idea of a single-serve dessert, but I feel like it might have been a parent who just needed a little treat after a long day. This is when I need a quick, easy single-serve dessert that I don’t have to share with anyone.

Quick and Easy Single Serve Dessert Recipes Mug

40+ Quick and Easy Single Serve Dessert Recipes

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My favorite single-serve recipe is my peanut butter cookie dough. I make this way too much. I am just such a BIG lover of peanut butter. I love having a sweet treat in the evening once my kids are in bed for the night. Usually, while I am curled up on the couch with a good book or watching something on Netflix.

I love using these pretty ramekins for my mug cakes, they are microwave and oven safe. I have been without both at times which makes this important to me.

single serve apple crisp

Picking your single serve mug

Now, I have been using my soup mug, which is only microwave safe, so that microwave had better not quit working. I have liked having that hand to hold on to, especially sitting on the couch so that there is less chance I am going to drop it.

You can use a regular drinking mug, as long as you can put it in the microwave. Please make sure your mug is microwave safe, I’d hate for you to have your mug and dessert explode. Then no one is happy.

Beware, your dish of course will be quite warm depending on how long it goes in the microwave, and burning your fingers isn’t going to make you happy and relaxed. Take care removing it.

Single Serve Recipes

Make these recipes for your night at home alone. Make them a special treat once your kids are in bed for the night. Or maybe while your husband has them occupied and busy doing something else so that you can have a little time alone for yourself.

Take time for yourself! Whether that is with a sweet treat, a Netflix show, or a great book. Remember you need to be taken care of too sometimes.

Single Serve Apple Crisp

Peanut Butter Mug Cake

Slow Cooker Rhubarb Crisp