5 Book Series for Girls Aged 11-13 Years Old

These are book series for girls aged 11-13 years old. Books for girls that they might not see on their own, or might not pick up without you maybe mentioning or pointing them out to them. Which is how my daughter came across some of these books.

5 Book Series Girls Aged 11-13 Years Old

5 Book Series for Your 11-13-Year-Old Girls

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I am that parent. The one that lets the kids pick out whatever books they want from the children’s and youth sections of the library. I do introduce new book series to them all the time because I know they’ll enjoy them and maybe they won’t find them otherwise.

Over the weekend my daughter found a great new book series though that I want to share with you first. The Wizard’s of Once. Much to her delight she lucked out and got the first book in this series. She cannot wait to read the others as well now that she has found this one.

More Book Series to Look for Your Reader

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series

Did your kids read Harry Potter? If they did then they’ll probably remember Nicholas Flamel. The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series. The ledge that is Nicholas Flamel, is the greatest Alchemyst to ever live. The records show that he died in 1418, but what if he’s actually been making the elixir of life for centuries?

Real Friends

“Sixth grade is supposed to be perfect. Shannon’s got a sure spot in the in-crowd called The Group, and her best friend is their leader, Jen, the most popular girl in school. … Shannon has to scramble to keep up. She never knows which TV shows are cool, what songs to listen to, and who she’s allowed to talk to. ” You have Real Friends, and Best Friends.

The Babysitters Club

I read the Babysitter Club books growing up, they are now referred to as the “retro” set. You can actually buy the first 6 books in a collectors tin.

With the new Netflix TV series coming out the Babysitters club books have gotten an updated look, but still have the same great content, without all the adult content that a lot of newer books can have. You’ll have to check them out for your daughters, and nieces.

They have a new version now and they are actually graphic novels. Which I have no problem with. They are still a fun book, following the adventure of best friends as they babysit and have fun together.

Emmie & Friends

Our librarian in Saskatchewan turned my girls onto these books, and we just realized they had another book come out in May 2020. We’re excited over here! There is Invisible Emmie, Positively Izzy, Just Jaime, and Becoming Brianna.

A Sam London Adventure Series

Sam London didn’t mean to uncover an ancient secret, but when he found out that mythical creatures are real and living in our national parks, he became the newest recruit to the Department of Mythical Wildlife. Ever since the middle schooler has been anxiously awaiting the call for his next case . . .

Audiobooks: Yes or No?

Not everyone loves audiobooks. I don’t love them, I like them if we are traveling a bit of a distance with my kids. My husband loves them because he does a lot of traveling for work.

Amazon has a great collection of audiobooks you might want to check out. Your homeschool read-aloud may just get easier on you.

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