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National Thesaurus Day – January 18

Did you know that this day existed? I did not. But I thought it might make a fun school theme day, this year with the 18th landing on a Saturday, I’ll be introducing our thesaurus cards on the Friday. I have been thinking about this and have a few ideas and ways that you can include a Thesaurus Day in your homeschool.

National Thesaurus Day

National Thesaurus Day – January 18

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I think that the very first thing you need to do, and I need to do, is to get a Thesaurus for your homeschool if you haven’t already got one. I do not have one at the time of writing this but I have ordered the one linked above as I like the idea of also getting the vocabulary builder. You can also get student ones that might be better for younger students such as the one below.

Let’s Have Some Thesaurus Fun

You can have your kids make a list describing pets, family members, or friends. Have them find new words or their feelings and emotions as well.

Encourage your kids to look up words that use every day. I should have my kids look at the word “even”. I have come to hate that word. Actually too, because it sounds very close to Ashley.

Have your kids write a paragraph describing themselves. Practice expanding their vocabulary by using at least three new words.

Lesson Ideas

Teachers Pay Teachers has a few resources for this day, including one I have included myself. Just in time for National Thesaurus Day, I made these word charts for my own kids, and to share with your homeschoolers.

40+ words, their definition, synonym, and antonyms.

I have mine printed on colorful AstroBright paper. I love using colorful paper instead of water, it just looks move fun, engaging, and something I would actually want to look at and use. I also have them on a binder ring to make them easy to flip through and we’re less likely to lose one.

Thesaurus Word Charts - Synonym and Antonyms Words

This resource includes 40 commonly used words: angry, big, boring, clean, cold, crying, cute, easy, excited, fast, funny, good, happy, hard, hot, hungry, important, kid, laugh, like, look, make, more, naughty, nice, pretty, quiet, run, sad, said scared, slow, small, smart, smelly, tired, walk, went, worried, write, and a lot

These word charts also come in half-page sizes for bulletin boards if you have one set up and like to use.

Thanks for reading!

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