National Creativity Month – January

This is a monthly theme that I am on board with. January is National Creativity Month, how fun is that? Everything this month should be creative. You should try to add creativity to every day with your kids.

National Creativity Month - January

National Creativity Month – January

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My kids each got a few craft kits because everyone knows that they are crafty, creative little people. Their bedroom floor are littered with paper right now as proof of their creative spirit.

Ways to Be More Creative

Kits & Subscriptions

Art isn’t always seen as a necessity in homeschool, especially when some of us are just trying to make it through each day. But for some it needs to be. For my kids and I, we need to be creative, it is part of who we are.

Art kits from Amazon are great. They are perfect for parents who aren’t crafty but want to provide their children with projects to work on. With everything needed included, including the instructions they’re perfect.

You could also check out the Green Kid Crafts subscription box. Everything in one box, delivered to your door each month. The perfect way to be crafty each month.


Head to your local library and check out their selection of books in the crafting section. My 10 and eight-year-olds love to get these books and then find something to re-create.

Make sure to check out my Amazon storefront to find some fun craft books, including a book with a year’s worth of crafts.

Paper, Pencils, Glue

Just having craft supplies in your home can make all the difference. Your kids can use their imagination to create their own works of art. You don’t have to let them have free range to art materials at all times, but instead, give them scheduled time whether it is once a week or more often.


Want to encourage your kids to be creative every day? Get them a set of Legos. You don’t have to buy the fancy kits, the classic creative box of Lego is the best for getting your kids to use their creative imagination. Our local library has a large selection of Lego books that my kids all borrow all the time so that they can create new designs, or draw from those ideas to create their own.

I would spend every penny I have spent on Lego over the year, all over again. It is the best toy any of my kids have gotten, and I love when they choose to spend their birthday or Christmas money on more of it.

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