Our Summer Bucket List 2019

I don’t usually make a summer bucket list because then I feel like a failure when we don’t do half the stuff on the list. Even if you’ve never made your own bucket list, you’ve at least probably heard of them. A bucket list is simply a list of different activities, places, foods, goals, anything that you want to achieve in a certain time frame. A lot of people make bucket lists for lots of different reasons, like a travel bucket list or a “before I die” bucket list.

Summer Bucket List 2019

Our Summer Bucket List 2019

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Summer vacation for public school doesn’t start until the end of June here in Canada, so we as homeschooler get an extra month to cross things off our list because we finish up about the beginning of June.

This year I’m not going to make a big list full of places and expensive things to do. Instead I want to be more relaxed, my kids are growing way too fast on me.

Summer Bucket List Ideas

  1. Go to the playground more. Twice a week would be ideal.
  2. Go on bike rides more as a family.
  3. Have friends over at least once a week.
  4. Have a pool party for the kids.
  5. ALWAYS have an audio book for drives – I love these as much as the kids. We’re currently listening to Stuart Little, better than listening to the radio.
  6. Work with my each of my kids on a hobby they would like to take up – learning to crochet, making bath bombs, making dog treats, etc. Which also leads a little into their entrepreneur wants/needs.
  7. Have a lemonade stand. My oldest and her friend want to have a lemonade stand, so why not?
  8. Visit a farmer’s market.
  9. Visit the splash pad at least one.
  10. Have a slumber party.
  11. Plant a garden.
  12. Roast marshmallows.
  13.  Move! This summer, I want to move! Maybe not realistic to be on the list, but, maybe that means if will mean it will happen??

There, 12 great ideas plus a bonus one which is really more like a wish. I was pretty vague on our list, because we are trying to reduce spending and really, you do not need to spend to have fun and make great memories with your kids.

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