Learning with A Microscope

We recently got a microscope and have been enjoying looking at different things under it. Even when they aren’t related to school. Learning with a microscope in your homeschool adds a great element of learning to science lessons.

Learning with A Microscope - child looking into a microscope with text overlay

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Learning with A Microscope

My husband Blake heard a friend took a tick, put it in rubbing alcohol to kill it, then looking at it under a microscope with his kids. I would like to say that no ticks were harmed in the process, but we kill those creepy crawlies, and fast. The kids all enjoyed looking at all parts of it.

Learning with a Microscope

Blake also snuck up behind me and plucked a hair from my hair for them to check out. Ouch! But it’s all in the name of my children’s education right?

Learning with a Microscope

Our microscope came with a number of blank slides, tweezers, a stirring rod, a plastic scalpel, a spatula, small test tubes, specimen vials, and more. You can find it, read more about it, and buy it if you like, you can find it on Amazon. You can also buy more slides, slides to fit your topic of learning as well.

I love the price point of this one, not too much that you’re going to worry about letting your kids use it for fear of it getting broken, perfect for younger kids just learning to use a microscope.

We have have been looking at other things as well. We’d love for you to join the fun learning with us.

12 things to look at under a microscope

While looking under the microscope my kids are fascinated by how different things look magnified compared to what we see when simply looking with our eyes. We like to draw them first, how we see them with our eyes, and then again after looking through the microscope.

Learning with Microscopes

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Blake was just as into using the microscope as the kids were as he had never used one before. He didn’t take biology in school, so he had no microscope experience. I love that you can buy them so easy now, whether you homeschool or not, they are affordable.

Have you started using a microscope with your kids yet?

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