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Solo 965 Heart Rate & Pedometer – Review

Solo WatchRecently I was contact and asked if I would be interested in review a product with New Year’s resolutions in mind. Looking at some of the products offered, one stood out to me. The Solo 965 Heart Rate & Pedometer, 24 hour fitness and wellness monitoring, as simple as wearing a watch.

When first setting up your watch, setting the time and date, you also enter your weight, height, and age, no general guess at how many calories you burn, instead it is based on you specifically.

At different points in the day you touch your index finger to the heart rate spot to monitor it. It will average your resting heart rate and then give a Fit Track number. A negative number means you are doing good, more active. 

The Solo 965 for Women has an impressive list of features:

  • FitTrac Resting Heart Rate Tracker
  • Calorie Genius 24 Hour Calorie Burn Tracking
  • MoveTrac: Records Your Every Move 24 Hours A Day
  • Steps + Distance + Speed
  • Any-Touch Heart Rte
  • ECG Accurate
  • Stopwatch + Count Up Timer
  • Time + Date + Alarm
  • Water-Resistant to 50 Meters
  • English + Metrics Standards

It takes 25 steps before the pedometer starts counting, making sure that you are active and not just moving your arms – start right? When you are active you will see a running figure in the bottom right corner.

The one problem I had was that it is a little bulky for my taste, I have a small wrist so I tend to get smaller watches, but this didn’t stop me from wearing.

Looking to get one for yourself or learn more? Check out their website Sportline. They also have Facebook and Twitter pages.

I really like being able to see exactly how many calories I was burning doing everyday things like cleaning or chasing the kids around.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.