Painting Tin Foil – New Texture

I’m not sure what has been up this week, but it has been crazy here. Feet running, hands hitting or pushing, screaming, crying, and the list could go on and on. 6 kids, one tired stressed woman… needless to say, I have been sucking back coffee like crazy and can’t wait until the end of the day. Instead of turning to the TV on to put them into comas (not often do I let them watch TV) I tried something different. Painting tin foil.

Finger Painting on Tin Foil

Painting Tin Foil

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This was probably one of the best things to paint on, take the tin foil (aluminum foil) fold it around the edges of the table to keep the table clean. Easiest clean up, not including the kids of course, the paper plates were starting to break down already and went into the garbage too.

Finger Painting Tin Foil

We mixed our primary colors to see what we got. In the end they saw how to make brown: mix it all together!

finger painting on tin foil

 This was Austin’s house with water falling on it.

finger painting on tin foil

In the end, one child wasn’t too impressed with me nor the finger painting and opted for playing in the toy room instead. The other three painted until there was no more paint, their plates were breaking down and the paint on them had dried.

Instead of fighting all afternoon they got messy, instead of feeling like the worst person ever for getting after them all afternoon  I just had to scrub them down (and hope that the parents weren’t planning on going any where after picking up their kids.) In the end I called it a success.


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