ABC’s Eggs and Hunting

Some days I have two 3.5 year olds and a 4.5 year old (plus little ones). While playing all day is fine and great, sometimes we need something else to do. Austin has been learning to recognize and write her letters for a while, but it’s easier to recognize them when you can sing the ABC’s to figure out what comes next. *Proud that she thought of it herself though!*

At Easter time last year I bought a bunch of extra plastic eggs with this activity in mind.

ABC Egg Match Up


It keeps them busy for quite awhile. Quiet time for me, fun learning for them.

Austin will occasionally come to me with a toy that has a letter on it that she recognizes and points it out, so when I found these little sticky notes at the Dollarama I knew what they would be perfect for, Letter Hunt.

I started out with a piece of paper with the upper and lower case of each letter. Then write one letter on one sticky note. Hide them, and let the kids have fun.

ABC Hunt

This is not a quiet activity, nor does it take them that long. It is great to get a burst of energy out. Plus as they learn to recognize their letters, you can give them a blank sheet of paper and let them find the letters on their own. The kids have so much fun over something so simple.

Both of these are also perfect for rainy day activities or at Grandma’s house.

Next, we’re moving on to include all of the alphabet.