How to Set Up Homeschool Workstations

There are different ways to set up homeschool workstations in your homeschool. And it really depends on how you homeschool. If you do the majority of school online, your workstation will look different from kids that do more paperwork.

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How to Set Up Homeschool Workstations

How do you do the majority of your homeschool learning? Is your child sitting in front of the computer (or digital device of your choice) or are they doing more paperwork-based homeschool work?

You aren’t going to set up a workstation full of paper, pencils, erasers, etc when your child only does their work online. It doesn’t make sense, does it? Let’s create a workstation that is going to make getting lessons done, easier.

Online Homeschool Workstations

What type of device is your child using? My oldest only uses a tablet with a keyboard. She prefers to do her lessons in her bed away from siblings and other distractions. Because this is what she prefers we have bought a few things to make it more comfortable for her.

One thing that we got was a lap desk. This way she’s not trying to balance it on her lap, or on a pillow causing her device to overheat. You can buy lap desks for tablets or laptops. They come in a variety of sizes with cupholders, extra space for using a mouse, and more. Just find one that fits your needs.

Comfortable headphones are important, especially if you have multiple learners. Having multiple devices making noise/talking can get confusing and distracting. Comfortable headphones, not earbuds, are what your kids need, and you can find some fun ones to help make them want to use them. (I linked to ones I have stolen from my husband because I love them! Haha)

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Paperwork-Based Homeschool Workstations

Easy access to school supplies is the most important thing you can do in your homeschool. Searching for a pencil in the middle of a lesson when your child should have already had a pencil is one of the most frustrating things.

Have everything needed for the lesson within reach: pencils, erasers, scissors, etc. There are some great ones online that you can hold everything you’d need because they have multiple storage spaces.

I use a utility cart that has papers, all our pencils, and such on it that can go into whatever room we are working in so that we have our things within reach. There is nothing that will break focus, break the flow of things like searching for a pencil or markers.

How you set things up is going to depend on the work you are doing, depending on the age of your kids, and so on.

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