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Alphabet Letter of the Week

Learning the alphabet in your homeschool or preschool? These are fun sheets perfect for learning the alphabet! I created these letter of the week sheets for our preschoolers and they loved them. And they loved learning along with older siblings.

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Alphabet Letter of the Week

When you have younger kids underfoot so to speak while you are teaching their older siblings sometimes it is just easier to give them their own “schoolwork” to work on. Why not give them fun pages to work on learning to write their letters.

This packet has over 150 different pages so you can spread the learning out over the year. Do a letter of the week if you’d like.

Letter of the Week Simplified! Over 150 pages of downloadable pages for teaching children the Alphabet one week at a time. For each letter of the alphabet, you’ll receive 6 pages of activities and worksheets.

Designed to keep the prep work to a minimum, our letter of the week Alphabet Curriculum can be spread over 26 weeks. The suggested age range is Preschool to Grade 1.

What’s Included:

Learn how to form letters on two different pages. Lots of practice for young learners.

Search and find capital letters and lower case letters to help your kids recognize their letters.

Color the pictures that start with this week’s letter.

Four flashcards per letter to help your learners practice and recognize their letters. These can be great used later down the road for more practice or even before they start to practice writing their letters.

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