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Easter Activity Sheets

Easter is almost here. A lot of families travel during the Easter holiday, there are family meals and a lot going on. Sometimes, kids get bored with the travel and the adult conversations. These Easter activity sheets can give young minds and fingers something to do.

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Easter Activity Sheets

These are not super fancy or hard activity sheets. Think about the placemats that your kids get at a restaurant with their little package of 3 or 4 crayons. That’s kinda what these are.

These Easter activity sheets can keep your kids busy while you drive up the province to Gramma’s house. Or something to keep them busy and out of the kitchen while you make dinner or adults are talking as us adults are known to do.

These pages are each different, but not completely different so your children are going to complain that someone got something they haven’t. I have kids, I know how they like to fight over silly things.

You can print these off for a downtime activity during the day, or even for taking to a restaurant to help keep your kids entertained while they wait for their meal. If there are other children that are going to be hanging around too, make some extra copies!

Here are some other Easter activities that you might want to grab this weekend to do with your kids in your homeschool or on your Easter weekend.

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Grab your copy of these Easter activity sheets, and print them off. Get your kids some crayons to markers and let them have some Easter fun this weekend.