Self-Paced Online ASL Classes

Before having children I worked in a non-verbal group home. I learned sign language on the job. We have recently been introduced to great self-paced online ASL classes. It is has been a great learning opportunity for all of us, and I love that we can work together learning it.

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Self-Paced Online ASL Classes for Elementary

My ten-year-old, Brookland, is LOVING this course. I love how much she has been loving it. She wants to do it all day long. Just this morning she sat down and was doing a lesson still in her pajamas, before having breakfast. And today is not a school day in our homeschool.

When kids take self-paced classes like Mr. D Math ASL 1, they learn to study independently. And trust me when I tell you that this is great for moms who homeschool and work! It gives you that little bit of time for doing the other million tasks you have to do!

ASL is the 3rd most used language in the US other than English, and its popularity at colleges continues to rise. Most students find ASL easier to learn because they do not struggle with the accent/auditory. 

This class is intended for grades 6 and up. If you are looking for second language credits, this is going to give you one of those credits. You can learn more about that here.

What You Get with Mr. D Math ASL 1

  • self-paced so that kids can learn at their own pace
  • lessons are short and manageable, so the kids can concentrate and progress at a steady pace
  • apart from learning ASL, the kids are learning about deaf culture
  • there is a mixture of resources such as videos, PDFs and links to interesting articles
  • the course encourages kids to practise ASL with real-world challenges and tasks
  • kids can submit videos to be entered into competitions, which is such a motivation
  • Ms Thia explains everything so clearly and in such a positive manner. My kids love watching her!
  • she also offer a monthly help session, for those who need some extra assistance
kids practicing sign language with text overlay

We have been using more online learning options, different classes, and courses that meet our goals and with the interest of our kids. Learning ASL in our home completely aligns with our goals and interests.

If you’re looking to add an extra language into your homeschool, then I can highly recommend Mr. D Math ASL 1. I’m sure your kids will enjoy it as much as we do!

It has been a great course for all of us to work through together and practice together. It’s been a great refresher for me, I’m able to help my kids along as we go without having to go back and rewatch videos, which is totally an option for you!

Dennis DiNoia, aka Mr. D, also has a podcast. He interviews a number of homeschoolers and parents on how to encourage children to be self-directed learners. Be sure to check out A+ Parents Podcast.

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