Setting Up Online Learning in Your Homeschool

Sometimes I think of the lockdowns when I think of online learning, but in reality, they opened up a lot of online learning opportunities for public schoolers and homeschoolers alike. You can easily set up online learning in your homeschool for more independent learning.

child working on school on laptop with headphones on

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Setting Up Online Learning in Your Homeschool

The first thing you really need is a computer or tablet for your kids. Of course. But there are a few things that might make it more enjoyable.

Online learning can give your children access to an education that you may not be able to provide from textbooks or curriculum books. There is a huge wealth of information and courses available online now that was not a few years ago.

Provide a Work Space

Some kids want to be set up at a table, others prefer to relax and be comfortable sitting in bed. We have both styles in my children. I, myself, am very productive myself sitting at my desk, but sometimes I am more creative relaxing in bed watching TV.

The most important thing to think of when setting up your child’s learning space is to think about their size.

Blue Light Glasses – blue light glasses for kids girls boys can block harmful blue light with UV400 protection when kids are on screen time such as using iPad or playing computer games. A useful kids’ blue light glasses should be chosen to protect kids’ eyes and improve their sleep quality. kids will be getting fewer headaches from eye strain.

Kids Headphones with Microphone – These wired headphones for kids set of 2 with adjustable volume wheel is convenient. They can monitor their volume under the safe volume level themselves and stop damaging their hearing.

Fun Mouse – Silent click design allows you to use it in a quiet environment. A cute smiley face design might make you cheerful! (I only buy silent click now for myself, I love it.)

Desk – Do I think a desk is necessary? Nope. And not everyone has room for one. But I do think there is something special about having your own space and a space to work can help with retention, attention, and creativity.

girl working on school on computer at desk

Providing for A Relaxed Learning Experience

My oldest prefers to work in bed. She can get away from younger siblings. It gives her her own space and quiet. We all learn differently, and where we learn can be different as well.

Lap Desk – There are a few different types. I currently have table tray style, and I do not love it. I much preferred my laptop desk with a pillow. There are a few different styles – solid pillows and bean bag styles.

Reading Pillow – Support is important if your child is working in bed. My daughter loves hers, it is much easier and more comfortable than stacking pillows behind yourself.

Clamp LED Lamp – Reading in bed is a favorite around here. We all do reading time after getting ready for bed. The round head clip light simulates the natural light diffuse reflection, reducing multiple shadows, no flicker, no dizzy light.

Add a sign to your door to let others know that you and your kids are currently busy. We have one of these signs that I hang

You can find the sign I made for our front door on Instagram. And see the many places that my kids learn here in our home.