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CTCMath Homeschool Curriculum Review

We are finished with one year of CTC Math and are getting ready for another. There is something to be said about a math curriculum that lets you easily control many aspects of your child’s online curriculum. This CTCMath homeschool curriculum review is going to break down why we’re going to use it again.

CTCMath Homeschool Curriculum Review

I received digital access to this product as well as reimbursement for the time spent writing this review in exchange for my honest thoughts. This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

CTCMath Homeschool Curriculum Review

Last year about this time I shared that we were going to be using CTCMath homeschool curriculum for the first time for the 2020/21 year. Gauge, grade 2, was so excited to get to start doing school online like his older sisters had already been doing. I was excited to hand off teaching math.

So how did it go?

Using CTCMath Homeschool Curriculum

How did it go using CTC Math? It was great! Any time I can hand off the teaching of math is a great thing, but I would definitely take it back if I didn’t think a program or curriculum wasn’t cutting it. Guess what?

We finished out our year of Homeschool Family membership happily! I didn’t feel once that I needed to take back teaching math.

CTCMath Pros

  • short, direct lessons
  • ability to adjust lessons with the number of questions asked – 3 different options
  • more practice available at the end of lessons – great for when you child doesn’t do as great as they could, great for new concepts
  • overall mark for the grade your child is working on
  • overall mark for the section your child is working on – great for seeing where they need more practice mastering concepts
  • your child can read the questions themselves or listen to the questions – great for those who aren’t strong readers
  • video lessons
A Year of CTCMath Homeschool Curriculum Review - screenshot

Bonus CTCMath Homeschool Curriculum Pro:

You don’t have to figure out those overall marks, or any other grades because it is self-grading. Right there I am all in, how about you? Give it a try!

CTCMath Cons

I don’t have many cons… in fact, I only have this one…

  • it’s not the easiest for younger learns to navigate – Gauge had some trouble in the beginning – not a deal breaker

CTCMath Homeschool Family Membership

We have the Homeschool Family Membership, which is a super affordable way to cover math in your homeschool for your kids for a year. If you have two or more kids this is the way you want to go. Click any of the links to CTCMath and get a discount for homeschoolers.*

Your child can use it on a desktop, laptop, or tablet – we used all three throughout the year.

You as the parent will be able to monitor how each of your kids are doing. But you can try it out for yourself and see how it can fit into your homeschool plans for the upcoming year.

CTCMath Homeschool Curriculum Review

CTCMath Homeschool Math Curriculum