How to Help Kids Develop Better Reading Skills

It might seem obvious, but having great reading skills is one of the most important tools for success that you can help your children develop. Any person, child or adult, who cannot read or has difficulty reading is already at a serious disadvantage when it comes to college and any job in the workforce. Learn how to help kids develop better reading skills easily in your homeschool.

How to Help Kids Develop Better Reading Skills

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How to Help Kids Develop Better Reading Skills

Reading is one of the keys to success in this life. As a parent, you have a responsibility to help your child learn how to read and help your child develop better reading skills.

You can give your child the one-on-one attention and support that he or she needs to learn how to read well. The National Center for Education Statistics says that over a third of 8th graders failed a basic reading skills test. Only a little over a third of 8th graders demonstrated or exceeded proficiency levels. 63% of 8th graders only had the most basic of reading skills.

This is a pretty dire situation. However, there is good news. Research has demonstrated that if parents are actively involved in helping children learn how to read, most children can become excellent readers with just that parental support.

There are several things that you can do to help your kids develop better reading skills.

Read Out Loud

Read out loud to your child every single day. If you regularly read to your child, your child will learn to love to read. Reading is associated with pleasant experiences. Even after your child learns how to read on his or her own, it is important that you continue to read out loud to your child. This helps improve his or her reading skills and also helps your relationship.

Opportunities to Read

Provide lots of opportunities to read. What kid is going to be a good reader if he or she has nothing to read? Have lots of books around your house that are appropriate for your kids in terms of age level. Have lots of interesting books all over your house. Make sure that your child can access these books.

Set An Example

Example, example, example. If your children see you reading daily, whether it’s the newspaper, a novel, or the Reader’s Digest, at least they will learn that reading is an important part of everyday life. It means a lot to you, and it should mean a lot to them. Don’t be like Matilda’s parents in Roald Dahl’s novel. Turn off the TV and read.

Support their Efforts

Support your children. Always support your child’s reading efforts and make sure that you give him or her lots of praise. Support their reading choices, also, as long as they are appropriate.

Provide a Selection of Books

Help your child develop his or her own library. Provide a place just for your child to put his or her books. It can be a bookcase in the bedroom or a shelf devoted entirely to him or to her in your family bookcase. Take your child on trips to the bookstore or to the library so that he or she can pick out books that they think are enjoyable that is age-appropriate, and that can belong just to them.

How to Help Kids Develop Better Reading Skills

Encourage Story-Telling Skills

Encourage your kids to write stories and to tell stories. If your child is comfortable writing, this helps develop reading skills and vice-versa. Give your child his or her very own notebook to write stories in. Encourage these stories, and always listen to them when your child wants to share them.

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