We love using our mini donut maker in our house. It is easy to make a fun, bite-sized snack. They are quick to make. And easy enough that anyone can make them no matter your cooking or baking skill level. Plus, there is so much you can do to make your mini donuts yours, between flavors and toppings.

Tools for Making Mini Donuts

Mini Donut Making Tools

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I am not high-tech when it comes to making anything. The reason we have a mini donut maker in the first place is probably because I bought it impulsively.

Other than my donut maker, I don’t get fancy when I make my mini donuts but I know it could be easier if I had a batter dispenser. It could simplify filling the molds, versus using a piping bag, or like I do, using a Ziploc bag and a mug.

Chocolate Mini Donut Maker Recipe

Mini Donut Recipes I Use These Tools for

Simple Mini Donuts

Chocolate Mini Donuts

Lemon Mini Donuts

Using a mini donut maker makes these great for kids to make. They don’t have to worry about the hot oven, and they are quite fast to make. They won’t have to worry about setting a timer, or forgetting about them either.

Tools for Making Mini Donuts

Having the right tools on hand when you go to make mini donuts at home makes all the difference. Here is what I use, and what I recommend.

Mini donuts are a fun snack here. They are great and easy to make for movies at home or a fun summer treat on a picnic.

Simple Mini Donuts

Mini Donut Recipe Round Up

Peanut Butter Mini Donuts

Simply Delicious Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donuts