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When Your Kids Get Bored with Homeschool Work

Ok, so sometimes school work can be boring no matter what you do if you are working with boring, dry text. Thankfully homeschooling doesn’t have to be boring or dry, or from a textbook. You can make lessons fun, but sometimes your kids get bored with homeschool work anyways. What can you do about it?

When Your Kids Get Bored with Homeschool Work

When Your Kids Get Bored with Homeschool Work

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If you came to me and told me that your child was bored with homeschool work I would ask why. Why are they bored? What are you learning about, and what is the learning method? Is it because they aren’t interested?

Try Something New

It might be that your curriculum isn’t a fit for your child. Every child learns differently, whether it’s at a different pace, or requiring a different method – literature, audio, visual.

It might be time to look for a different curriculum or learning method.

It may be time to toss the books aside and head over to YouTube to watch videos on how to do something instead. Personally, I do not like to watch videos, I would prefer to read how to do something. Blake, my husband, is the opposite.

Or maybe printed books aren’t working, but ebooks or audiobooks might be just what you need.

My oldest loves to watch documentaries, especially documentaries on history.

When Your Kids Get Bored with Homeschool Work - try Something New

Learning Above or Below Level

The curriculum you have may not be at the right level for your child. It could be too challenging to not challenging enough for them. It’s just that simple. Start with books that are on their level and go from there.

The Topic

So, history can be a dry subject. It is of no interest to me, and I want to go to sleep rather than learn it. My oldest and husband, both love history. The point? Maybe just because you or your daughter love one topic, doesn’t mean your son is going it.

Maybe you could try taking the boring, but maybe important, topic and add a level of fun, and if not fun, hands-on. Something to get them learning and interested in what you are doing.

Writing in hieroglyphics is an example of getting hands-on while learning about history.

Let Them Do the Teaching

Let them teach you. They will be that much more interested in a topic if they get to play teacher. My kids love to read books and then tell me all the facts that they have learned.

“Did you know…?” “Guess what X can do?” I hear this all the time based on what books my kids have borrowed from the library. I do not limit what books that check out so they each have amazing facts and information in their brains.

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