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Backyard Summer Camp: Crafts Theme

You never know when you might get a few days or a week of rain and a crafts theme in the house are perfect for this backyard summer camp theme. Maybe keep it in your back pocket for when you need it.

Backyard Summer Camp_ crafts theme

Backyard Summer Camp: Crafts

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I don’t believe that we should have our kids scheduled for every minute of every day. My kids don’t expect me to entertain them.

I’m quite sure that the only time they tell me that they are bored and expect me to entertain them is when I am doing something very exciting, like cleaning a toilet. Yes, apparently that is my kids’ idea of a fun time.

Crafts for Your Backyard Camp

Tie-Dye – Have you done tie-dying with your kids yet? I didn’t realize under the fall past that we hadn’t. I don’t care for the look of tie-dye, nor the staining mess. But kids enjoy it.

Decorate a Tote Bag – For my daughter’s 10th birthday I went a different way for the activity at her party. I gave the kids canvas tote bags and fabric markers. That’s it, they made their own tote bag for whatever they wanted to use it for. They are great for hauling library books.

Craft Stick Bracelet – I have big plans to do this with my kids this summer, I even bought the craft sticks to do it. Edited to add: We did it! The perfect rainy day craft.

Craft Stick Bracelets on wrist

Puffy Paint – Did you know, you can make your own paint with flour? We have been making this for a long time!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint – I haven’t made this for quite some time, but we have been lacking chalk drawing/writing surfaces lately.

Salt Painting – This is a fun, but simple craft you can do inside or out.

“Draw” a picture with your glue, a flower maybe? Sprinkle salt over the wet glue, covering it completely. Once dry tip the cardstock to remove excess salt. Use your watercolors to gently touch the salt. Watch the color magically spread.

Yarn Wrapping Letters – Make this super simple craft decoration with your kids. They can do the first letter of their name to hang on their wall. I would recommend cutting the cardboard for young kids so no one gets hurts.

Tape an end of the yarn to the back of your letter and wind it around the letter, or even shape, until you have covered it completely, or as much as your child likes. You can use different types and colors of yarn to make your letter as unique as you.

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